Tuesday, January 18, 2011


This is my last post for our 1st project in 2D Art 102.

Based on my research I have learned:
That the industry that I have chosen to go into doesn't have alot of future prospects. There most likely will not be alot, if any, growth in this area. But I also know that this will not stop me from continuing in this area. As I have said in my earlier posts, I do what I love, no matter the pay. =D

Have I learned more about myself and my work style?
Not really, I already knew that I was organized and trustworthy and shy, etc.(from the OCEAN's test)
So nothing new really stuck out about me. But who knows, maybe I'll re-read my posts and something new will click!

Have my interests changed based on my findings and interview?
Not really, no. I am more aware that this industry isn't going to prosper very much in the future. But My interest in Baking at a Christian Camp is still the same. I have grown up working at Camps, and I will not be pulled away from it that easily! Its in my blood. And I don't think I will ever let it go.
I will continue to work in camping for as long as my Savior, Jesus Christ, allows me to.

Thanks for reading my blogs! =D I look forward to getting to know you all through your posts as well as through class! Good luck to everyone!

This is my Challah bread that I made for one of my Bakery classes


  1. The bread is so big. Let's bring to share us in class next time. ^^

  2. That's awesome, isn't it the greatest to do what you love?? :) I'm a fan of you baking for Christian camps because the stuff you make looks delicious, and I've been to a few of those that unfortunately don't have very delicious food.

  3. Not gonna lie, kinda jealous because I never experienced camp when I was a young lad. Maybe I just didn't have an interest because of all the Friday the 13th I was watching.hmmm

  4. I totally agree that you said, "I do what I love, no matter the pay." It is important to do what you like because so many people consider salary first.. you should be proud of yourself =]