Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Helvetica post

Here is my post on the Helvetica movie

Do you think the Helvetica typeface is good or bad? why?
I don't think its bad, but I like the more exciting fonts. Instead of being perfect and straight, I like the wacky and weird ones. They just draw my in more.

Who was your favorite type or graphic designer interviewed in the movie and why?
I think I like Paula Scher the best. Because she also didn't like the simple straight Helvetica font. She wanted to create her own and be different and unique.

This movie was interesting. I learned more about Helvetica, like where it was created, how it was created, and how different people choose to use it. I never realized how a simple font could have such an interesting background. I also never thought of fonts having personalities or emotions. It can be plain and boring one minute, then explosive and exciting the next. It all depends on you and how you interpret things. Over all, this movie opened my eyes to new creative ways of using fonts.

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