Tuesday, January 11, 2011


This is my second post for my Art class at Lake Washington Technical College.
We were told to write about our dream job.

Well, I already have my dream job! I am a cook/baker at Berachah at Buck Creek! I cook meals, bake desserts, serve our guests, do dishes, clean rooms, and other kitchen and camp oriented jobs. I Love it! I grew up in the camping ministry, and don’t know much else.  I love doing it and don't plan to do anything else. My Parents have always worked at a Christian Camp ever since I was born. We have moved to many camps, in all different states! One thing I really love about my job is the fact that I get to work with my family! I Love my family and being able to work with them and help them everyday is so amazing to me!!
Another favorite thing about my job is the location! Buck Creek is located up by Mt. Rainier! Its BEAUTIFUL up there! (as you can see from the picture I posted below)
I am at school to better myself for my job. I am almost done with the Baking arts program at LWTC. I am learning so much that I can and will apply to my job. My education has been enhanced so much through my school!
I don't get paid very much, but money is not something I care about. I do what I love, no matter what the pay!  I Love working with people! I enjoy making them smile and happy and comfortable. If there is anything that our guests at camp need, I do my best to get it for them.
Working at Christian Camp's is one of the Best Jobs! I Love it!

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  1. your lucky to find your calling and suceed in it so quickly