Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Art 102 at LWTC


Openness to Experience/Intellect I got 7 Percentile.
It says that I "prefer Traditional and Familiar Experiences". Which I agree, I do. But I do also enjoy new experiences. I enjoy learning and doing new things. But I do tend to lean more towards the Traditional and Famailiar experiences.

Conscientiousness I got 64 Percentile
The results say I am "Well Organized, and Reliable". I agree with that one-hundred percent! I love being organized and know what I am doing. I don't like having a jumbled mess around me, and not being sure of whats going on. I am very reliable and trustworthy. If you give me a job, I will do it and finish it to the best of my ability.

Extraversion I got 27 Percentile
The results say I "tend to Shy away from Social Situations". Yes, I agree with that to a certain degree. I am shy and quiet when I first meet people. But once I get to know them and feel more comfortable around them, I usually start talking more and more. It also depends on the situation. If I am in a class room, I tend to be more quiet and shy. If I am at a get together I tend to talk more.

Agreeableness I got 83 Percentile
My results say I am "Good-natured, Courteous, and Supportive". Yes! I am. I was raised to be Kind and Respectful, and Courteous of others. I love supporting people and encouraging them and making them feel special and important and loved. I try never to put anyone down.

Neuroticism I got 22 Percentile
My results say I am " Generally relaxed". I think that fits me right. It depends on the situation. I am usually a calm and relaxed person. But in an emergency, I may or may not be able to keep my calm.

The picture I included is of a cake I made for one of my projects in my Baking class. Its a Black Forrest Cake! Really Yummy!


  1. Schwartzwalder Kirschetorte! Oh man that cake looks good... *drool*

  2. your cake looks delicious!

    i'm the same way in new social settings, as i'm sure most people are. i like to encourage and support my friends and family like you as well, it's incredible how much it can mean to someone.

  3. Baking.... my new best friend. (and worst enemy to the waistline). That cake looks yummy.

    It is good to be a supporter - we all need one!!