Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I interviewed my boss, because I(as I have already stated) already have my dream job and figured that it would be kind of silly to interview myself =P And it just so happens that my boss is also my Mother! (Yay for Moms!)

First off I will tell you what my moms job is. Like me, she is also a cook at Camp Berachah, she is the Head Chef if you would want to call it that =D
She plans the menus, orders food and supplies, preps for the meals, cooks the meals, cleans up before, during, and after the meals, cleans bathrooms, washes dishes, does laundry, and so many other things! She is quite talented!

Question 1: How do you like your job?
 I enjoy my job very much.  It is rewarding to serve all kinds of people and be able to see their enjoyment in their time away from the normal routine.

Question 2: What were your qualifications towards getting this job?
Previous experience in cooking for large groups and willingness to learn new things.

Question 3: What training do you need to maintain your job?
 I continue to take different classes that will give me more advantages to cooking new things and things in new ways and to improve in time and proficiency.(like sanitation classes, and such)

Question 4: Is there job growth?
There is not much chance for growth in this current job

Question 5: What are the Pro's and Con's for your job?
Pros -  1) able to interact with guests, 2) cook well balanced meal, 3) good co-workers, 4) enjoy work
Cons - 1) long hours
Question 6: What are some new industry changes that you are seeing?
Adjusting to all the new allergies that are being brought to light such as gluten, soy, corn, and many more.
This is me and my mom(boss)


  1. Sounds like with her duties she's a mom at work and a home at home. I'm glad to hear you have your perfect job. I'm excited to start mine soon.

  2. So sweet on the photo. Mom is the best teacher and boss.

  3. are long hours still a "con" if you enjoy the work?

  4. I am so jealous of you, who already have DRAM job!! I wish i have my own career too!!

  5. oh! wow! sounds very fun! i can't imagine if i had my own job now! i envy you :)