Monday, January 24, 2011

Claude Monet assignment

For this assignment we are supposed to look at 3 pictures done by Claude Monet. They are the same place, but different times of day or different kinds of weather.  We are then supposed to answer a couple questions about these pictures.

This is the first one.

I would say that the color palette is broad. There are lots of colors in there, orange, yellow, red, blue, a little purple. This picture has a warmness to it. The sunset type setting makes it feel warm and sunny
I think this picture gives a peaceful, quiet emotion. Its like a sunset, you are relaxing and being at peace.

Here is the next picture

This picture doesn't really have alot of color. So I'd say this is a limited picture.  He used greys and blacks and some white and a little blue. This picture seems cold and dreary to me. Kinda foggy.
This picture makes me feel sad, dreary. Cuz it doesnt have those vibrant colors, its just kind of bland and grey.

This one is kind of inbetween I think. It has some colors, but not alot. I'm not sure which one to put this under, it has some greens and blacks and blues.  This picture is right in between, its warm, yet cold. It has enough color to seem warm, but also enough color to seem cold.

This picture makes it seem like there is a storm coming or is already there, so it gives me the feeling of ...I guess nervous, or anxious.

I think the picture that stood out to me the most was the first one. Because it had more colors, more life in it. It drew me in more then these other two did.

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